It's not the first time I have cried at a client's wedding. In fact, I used to cry at every wedding I shot back when I started, until I got a little used to it. This past Saturday however, was a bit of an exception. I teared up, not only once, but three times that day thanks to Allyson and Mark's beautiful family! I found it so touching how involved their two beautiful boys, Riley and Brady, were in the whole day and how much Allyson and Mark paid attention  to them all day despite the activity going on around them. I particularly loved how Brady climbed up into their arms during both, the wedding ceremony and first dance… soooooo cute!  Thanks so much to Allyson, Mark, Riley and Brady for letting me play such a big part in your big day, it was an honor:) 

And a big Thank You to my friend Kristine Richer of Cherry Pie Photography for all your help. I could not have done it with you!