It was about this time last year when I decided to start promoting a series of photo shoots called 'Baby's First Year' to my clients who were coming in for Maternity Portraits. Nichole and Jeff, who's wedding I also photographed the year before, were my first clients to say yes to the idea and I am so happy they did! After their maternity photos, I photographed their beautiful daughter Ashlynn only a few days old and after that I had the pleasure of photographing her, alone, and with mom and dad once every three months until just a couple of weeks ago when she turned one! It was a great experience to document a little girls first year and now Nichole and Jeff will have a beautiful album I am putting together for them to help them remember this year and how much Ashlynn has grown. Below are a collection of images from this past year with Ashlynn and her mom and dad;) Thanks so much you guys it was great working with you this year!