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Elaine and Dimo – Halifax Wedding Photography

I was so flattered when Elaine asked me to be the photographer for her and Dimo’s wedding! Elaine and I have sat at enough family dinners together for me to know that the woman has excellent taste ( com’on she chose a Panagiotakos man to spend her life with so I knew she had high... View Post

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The Vineyard Shoot 2015 – Halifax Family Portrait Photographer

  In 2011, I received the blessing from Pete Luckett to take my family portrait photography clients to┬áhis beautiful Luckett Vineyards in Gaspereau Valley. Every Summer and Fall since then I return back to this dreamy location only to find new and more beautiful ways to photograph it. Year after year, I host many return... View Post

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Anna and Erik’s Enchanted Backyard Wedding – Halifax Wedding Photography

Driving to the middle of nowhere somewhere near beautiful Port Jolie, NS, I did not know what to expect. When I arrived what I found was a giddy, sweet and joyful couple, so in love and so excited to become husband and wife surrounded by an intimate gathering of close family and friends. Anna and... View Post

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The Lovely Maddalena Family – Halifax Family Portrait Photography

As always, it was an absolute pleasure using Luckett Vineyards as my backdrop for this family portrait photography session. I have shot at this beautiful Vineyard countless times since it opened 4 years ago but every time I am there I find a new and more beautiful way to see it. I was so excited... View Post

Fall and Christmas Mini Sessions – Halifax Family Portrait Photography

MINI SESSION PRICE – $200 plus tax ( $160 plus tax for Blue Vine Family Members ) Never in my 7 years of business have I ever run mini sessions promotions, so these are a first for me! I have learned over the years that there is a certain time of year when the mini... View Post

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