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Mini Sessions 2016 – Halifax Family and Children’s Portrait Photography

For this season I have decided that if your session is not a Premium Collection or a part of Baby Plan then it will be considered a Mini Session. Mini Sessions are short and sweet; about 20-30 mins long and can include just your children or the entire family. These sessions are great for quickly updating... View Post

I’m Comin Home! – NFLD Mini Sessions

After 15 years living here in Halifax ( wow that’s a long time! ) I am still a proud Newfoundlander and I crave a visit home at least once or twice a year.  This Summer, my family and I will be traveling home between July 14th-Aug 1st and I am so excited to see my... View Post

Premium Collections 2016 – Halifax Family and Children’s Portrait Photography

Our Premium Collections are available on carefully selected dates throughout the Summer and Fall, and take place at some of the most beautiful locations just outside of HRM. This year I will be shooting our Premium Collections at Luckett Vineyards in the valley and at Conrad’s Beach in Lawrencetown. These collections are designed to document... View Post

The Vineyard Shoot 2015 – Halifax Family Portrait Photographer

  In 2011, I received the blessing from Pete Luckett to take my family portrait photography clients to his beautiful Luckett Vineyards in Gaspereau Valley. Every Summer and Fall since then I return back to this dreamy location only to find new and more beautiful ways to photograph it. Year after year, I host many return... View Post

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The Lovely Maddalena Family – Halifax Family Portrait Photography

As always, it was an absolute pleasure using Luckett Vineyards as my backdrop for this family portrait photography session. I have shot at this beautiful Vineyard countless times since it opened 4 years ago but every time I am there I find a new and more beautiful way to see it. I was so excited... View Post