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From Baby to Big Boy – Halifax Maternity and Family Photography

Oh how I adore everything about this session! It was such a moody day at Conrad’s Beach for Jessica’s maternity shoot. The sky was threatening rain the entire time and because of that the lighting was soft and the clouds were dramatic. I was in heaven! What really struck me though was their little boy... View Post

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The Sunset Shoot 2014 – Halifax Family Portrait Photographer

After visiting Conrad’s Beach in Lawrencetown for the first time last Summer I was in awe of its perfection. The long winding boardwalk nestled between two sprawling marsh lands, the tall whimsical grass at its edge and most importantly the endless and flawless sandy beach! I am so excited to finally get some families on... View Post

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Baby Evelyn – Halifax Newborn Photographer

I feel terrible that Evelyn’s mom and dad have had to wait so long to see her beautiful images so I am happy to be able to get this blog up, only two days back from our epic adventure in England! This is just a sample of some of the images I was able to... View Post

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Baby Samuel’s Complete Baby Plan – Halifax Newborn and Children Photography

It always blows my mind how quickly a year goes by and this is exactly why I love doing these newborn photography sessions. Having a catalog of digital images, a custom made album and a fine art wall piece that all showcase the dramatic growth and development of your baby in his/her first year is... View Post

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Baby Nikaletta – Halifax Newborn Photographer

I have been given the great honour over the years, of watching many babies grow from little bumps in mom’s tummy to big happy toddlers and beyond. Only two years ago I began this process with little Nika’s big sister Zoey and now I get to start all over again! I get so much pride... View Post

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