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The Vineyard Shoot 2015 – Halifax Family Portrait Photographer

  In 2011, I received the blessing from Pete Luckett to take my family portrait photography clients to┬áhis beautiful Luckett Vineyards in Gaspereau Valley. Every Summer and Fall since then I return back to this dreamy location only to find new and more beautiful ways to photograph it. Year after year, I host many return... View Post

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The Lovely Maddalena Family – Halifax Family Portrait Photography

As always, it was an absolute pleasure using Luckett Vineyards as my backdrop for this family portrait photography session. I have shot at this beautiful Vineyard countless times since it opened 4 years ago but every time I am there I find a new and more beautiful way to see it. I was so excited... View Post

The Sunset Shoot 2014 – Halifax Family Portrait Photographer

After visiting Conrad’s Beach in Lawrencetown for the first time last Summer I was in awe of its perfection. The long winding boardwalk nestled between two sprawling marsh lands, the tall whimsical grass at its edge and most importantly the endless and flawless sandy beach! I am so excited to finally get some families on... View Post

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Year End Review 2013 – Halifax Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I sat down yesterday, determined to be productive while my little guy slept. Normally for me being productive during my son’s 1.5 – 2 hour nap time would consist of making the bed, putting in a load of laundry, sweeping the floors, emptying the dishwasher, folding a load of laundry, prepping supper, getting my boy’s... View Post

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Contemporary Graduation Portraits – Halifax Graduation Photographer

Too often these days, I hear of people wasting their money on a quick graduation portrait they know they will hate, only to please their parents and have something to show for all their hard work. Well it’s about time people realized that they do not have to settle. Graduation portraits do not have to... View Post

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