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Lauren and BJ – Halifax Wedding Photography

Lauren and BJ had an absolutely perfect day and I was so honoured to be a part of it. Everything felt so seamless, natural and meant to be! After making plans A, B and C depending on how the weather was, we were able to go with plan A and work on the Halifax waterfront... View Post

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Jodie and Chad (and Kayleigh)- Halifax Wedding Photography

What can I say about Jodie and Chad? These two are so smitten with one another it is insane and their wedding ceremony was the most adorable, most sincere expression of love that I think I have ever witnessed. I don’t know what killed me the most; Chad singing to Jodie as she walked down... View Post

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Elaine and Dimo – Halifax Wedding Photography

I was so flattered when Elaine asked me to be the photographer for her and Dimo’s wedding! Elaine and I have sat at enough family dinners together for me to know that the woman has excellent taste ( com’on she chose a Panagiotakos man to spend her life with so I knew she had high... View Post

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Anna and Erik’s Enchanted Backyard Wedding – Halifax Wedding Photography

Driving to the middle of nowhere somewhere near beautiful Port Jolie, NS, I did not know what to expect. When I arrived what I found was a giddy, sweet and joyful couple, so in love and so excited to become husband and wife surrounded by an intimate gathering of close family and friends. Anna and... View Post

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Leslie and Brian at Juno Tower – Halifax Wedding Photographer

Finally, a new wedding blog! I am too excited to get this posted to ramble on and on, so here they are! I hope you enjoy this selection of images from Leslie and Brian’s perfect wedding day at Juno Tower. Thanks to the crowd of Newfies around, I certainly felt right at home and had... View Post

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