The past few weeks have been very busy here at Blue Vine, photographing families and children and helping people get Christmas cards and presents ready for the big day. Today’s blog, however, has nothing to do with family photography or the upcoming holiday season. Today I feel like posting about something a little different. Last Friday evening I had the opportunity of photographing an event for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, with photographer Dean Casavechia . The event was appropriately called “Ships Start Here: A Celebration of Excellence” and that is exactly what it was, a celebration!  I have to be honest and admit that for the most part, politics, economics and current events are not usually my topics of choice at a dinner party, but as a small business owner in Halifax, even I can understand the extent to which our recent ship building contract is going to change our city, for the better! While it may be easy for some people to say things like “money doesn’t make the world go around”, the reality is, economic prosperity is the key to a thriving city full of happy  families who can afford healthy food, a comfortable home and a break away from it all every now and then. This $25 billion contract is not only going to benefit the big guys or the ship builders and their families. Over the next 20-30 years the ripple effect of this decision is going to trickle down to all of us, our children and grandchildren.  It was great to be a part of this “Celebration of Excellence” and I was honoured to photograph the expressions of pride on the faces of Premier Darrell Dexter, the President of Irving Shipbuilding, Mr. Steve Durrell and Mr. Jim Irving himself.