From the time your baby is born (and in many cases even before) you will most likely want to document each and every stage of this exciting time in your family's life. Blue Vine Photography has recently designed a package that makes this process fun and stress free.

The Complete Baby Plan includes multiple sessions within your baby's first year; Newborn ( between 5-12 days), Six Months ( or when baby is sitting up independently) and One Year ( or when baby has started to stand or walk).

This beautiful package also includes a collection of  personal works of art such as 10 high resolution printable files from each shoot,  a hard cover coffee table book and a fine art canvas that you will be sure to enjoy for a lifetime! The cost for The Complete Baby Plan is $900 plus tax and your payments can be broken down into three installments. If you would like to add your Maternity Shoot to this package the additional cost is $100 and your total can be broken down into four installments. 

If you are expecting a baby, or you know somebody who is and are thinking about purchasing The Complete Baby Plan as a gift, please contact the studio for more information. Finally, if The Complete Baby Plan is something you would like to receive as a baby shower gift, we have gift registry cards that you can give out to your family and friends as a little hint. They are welcome to purchase The Complete Plan for you in full or a gift certificate for any dollar amount they are comfortable with, as a contribution to it. 

Below we have included a digital copy of The Complete Baby Plan brochure as well as examples of what the album and the fine art canvas will look like. Enjoy:)