I way so happy with this photo shoot that I got way too excited about them to wait until Friday to post a new blog, so here it is! These gorgeous kids participated in my Mother’s Day special that I worked on this weekend. On Saturday we went to the park and let the children play around and be themselves and on Sunday……well we did something a little more urban, I will probably post those ones within the next couple of days. The weekend was a huge success and I would like to thank all the families who took part in this project with me. I am hoping, now that the weather is starting to get nice, that I will spend most of my days shooting outside this summer. To encourage families to book location shoots this summer instead of studio shoots, I am offering my location sitting fee at the same price as my studio shoots for the months of June, July and August! Also, for anyone who books location family or children’s portraits during these summer months, Blue Vine will give you a FREE one week membership Good Life Fitness/Nubodys…bonus!