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There must be something in the air these days because it seems everyone I know is having babies, and lucky for me I get to be the first one to photograph these little angels! Not only was I the first to photograph Little Daniel, but I think I was actually the first person to hold him, aside from his mom, dad and hospital staff of course ( but they don't count … so I was first, ha!). I just happened to be at the IWK already the day that Daniel was born and when I noticed his mom's status on facebook saying they were comfy cozy in their room I jumped on the opportunity to get a little squeeze 🙂 The Black family have been wonderfully loyal clients of mine, and I have been very lucky to photograph all of them including Daniel's older brother and sister, Josh and Claire, every year since I opened four years ago. You guys, you make beautiful babies! Thanks so much for letting me document your family year after year:) I hope you enjoy Daniel's Photos as much as I do.