I have a confession to make. The morning of Janet and Matt's wedding, I woke up feeling the same way I do before pretty much every wedding I photograph; sick to my stomach nervous and totally inadequate to document this wonderful couple's most important day. Every morning before a wedding, while I am double checking my gear and the time line of the day, my tummy feels like it is all tied up in knots and I find myself thinking things like, "This is too stressful. I can't do this. I shouldn't book anymore weddings. I should just stick with family portraits, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc"

Then I arrived at Interlude Spa where Janet and her Maid of Honor, Erin, were getting their hair and make up done. As soon as I took that first shot of the day I suddenly felt calm all over, totally at peace and full of creative energy! This is how I know I am doing what I am meant to do for a living; because it makes me feel alive! This is what I feel every time I pick up the camera to shoot a wedding, a family, a newborn, etc. The nerves and anxiety are simply there to prevent me from becoming complacent and lazy. They are there to remind me to work hard, be creative and BE PREPARD! Without the nerves I would not be very good at what I do and I would not recognize that I can and should ALWAYS get better. I got home that night practically dancing as I walked through the door and said to my husband John "Hun, if I EVER mention giving up weddings, talk me out of it, I feel soooooo good right now. What an amazing day" 

Thank You so much to Janet and Matt for trusting me to document the most important, and happiest day of your lives! You are both so wonderful and I can tell you are, over the moon,  in love with one another. I wish you all the happiness that marriage can bring…it is the best!