What can I say about Jodie and Chad? These two are so smitten with one another it is insane and their wedding ceremony was the most adorable, most sincere expression of love that I think I have ever witnessed. I don’t know what killed me the most; Chad singing to Jodie as she walked down the aisle, the letters they wrote to their reverend describing why they want to marry each other, that poem Jodie read to Chad that made me want to get married all over again so I had an excuse to read it to my husband,  or wait for it ….. the vows she read to his daughter Kayleigh as the three of them stood together at the alter!

You guys are a beautiful couple and I have no doubt you will share a long and happy life together. I can not wait for you to make some adorable babies for Kayleigh to play with and for me to photograph:)


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