It is one of the greatest compliments a photographer can get, to be flown to a beautiful location to photograph someone’s event. For that I am so unbelievably grateful to Todd and Katie for choosing me and my husband to accompany them to Cuba for a week. I was super stoked to shoot my first destination wedding in years and to spend some time with a wonderful group of people!

Along with the excitement of shooting a wedding in gorgeous Cuba, came the gut wrenching nerves the day before! Without fail, I get the sweaty palms and sick stomach the day before I shoot any wedding but I put a crazy amount of pressure and expectation on myself before shooting this particular wedding. I didn’t just want to do a great job, I wanted to make it my favourite work so far and I wasn’t going to be happy unless I absolutely nailed it.

Katie was absolutely stunning, the weather was perfect and the guys were hilarious. All things combined, it was a pretty hard wedding to screw up! Thanks to the help of my husband/lovely assistant, and Katie’s perserverence despite feeling a little on the fainty side, I am thrilled with how the photos turned out!

Thanks so much again to Katie and Todd. I have no doubt in my mind that you two will grow to be adorable old farts together and your lives will be full of love and laughter !


Post by Jenine Panagiotakos – Halifax Destination Wedding Photographer