Well I am a little late posting this blog but so excited to finally share these images! What an incredible wedding Leeanne and Mark pulled off. I don’t think I have ever been a part of a wedding day that oozed as much style, elegance and individuality, not to mention mouth watering food that just kept on coming. I am talking an all you can eat sushi bar, pulled pork and duck sliders prepared while you wait, dozens of yummy hors d’oeuvres being offered by the wait staff throughout the evening and my personal favourite, teeny tiny little cheeseburgers and fries and fish and chips that magically appeared toward the later hours. Ok ok, this is not a food blog, moving on ….

About the couple; Leeanne and Mark, you guys rock! Well Leeanne does anyway, Mark’s a royal pain in the ass, lol. I’m just kidding of course. Mark, you are a riot and despite your efforts to make me put my camera away I am soooooo happy I kept bugging you for more photos. You guys really do make an amazing couple and I can not wait for you guys to add to your family because if you love your future children even half as much as you love your sweet little fur baby, they will be very blessed.

I wish you both all the best on your new life together! xo

ps we need to hang out more:)