About a month ago I had the pleasure of getting to know Melissa and Chad a little bit at thier Maternity Shoot and we clicked right away. It might be because we're all newfies, but either way, they are fantastic 🙂 They have chosen me to document thier new Baby Rylin's first year in this world with my Baby's First Year Package and our first shoot with her was a couple of weeks ago. Rylin was an angel and Melissa and Chad, so much fun! Mom's are always into thier children's photo shoots but dad's usually just come along for the ride, but not this dad! I don't think I have ever met a dad so involved in the whole process and it was really nice to see. The first two images of this blog are a before and after shot of them from thier Maternity Shoot and Rylin's Newborn Shoot. Enjoy 🙂