For any of you who are not familiar with a little Newfoundland slang, RDF, is just an abbreviation for rain, drizzle and fog, which, in Newfoundland we see an awful lot of! With this said I still believe it is one of the the most beautiful places in the world, and that is not just because I am from there. 

On my recent trip home I had a chance to photograph a few of my good friends with their children and families. Thank you guys for being so patient waiting for this blog by the way;) These two shoots took place and two different days but the weather was exactly the same. RDF all the way, lol! That didn't stop us though. We knew if we kept rescheduling in anticipation for the perfect weather it probably would never happen. I am so happy that I finally had a chance to do what I love, in a place that I love, for people that I love:)