Have you ever encountered a technical issue that you thought you were never going to solve, only to find out that it is as simple as just letting go of the CRTL key?? Well perhaps you have not been in that exact situation but I just wasted a day and a half of my life and hours from the guys at Storyboard Rocks, trying to get my new blog storyboard to work, only to find out that all I had to do was let go of the freaking CRTL key sooner! I'm sorry guys…my bad! lol 

I am happy to say though, that once I figure that out, it has been an absolute breeze to use and I have just created two new blog storyboards in less than 20 minutes! This has changed my life, and my blog. 

So without any further delay, below you will find images from two newborn shoots that I have finished recently for some teeny tiny clients 🙂 Enjoy!