I know I just blogged yesterday, or the day before…recently anyway but I just HAD to post these new born photos right away! Not too mention, its winter time and I have way too much time on my hands and blogging is something I find fun to do… and it's considered work for me, so that's an added bonus.

So this time of year is not exactly the busiest season for many photographers but lucky for me one of my clients just had a baby boy Jake and my sister and brother in law just had a baby girl, Matina so I have had myself a busy week shooting these little angels; Jake was photographed in the studio and Matina, at her home.

Newborn photography is a little challanging at times but sooooo rewarding when you get the shot that you know is going to break a mother's (or even better a father's) heart.  Newborn's are not like toddlers or kids. You can not tell them if they be good and stop crying you'll give them a treat, they just don't get it. This leaves us as photographers, and you as their parents kind of at their mercy. Do you want to eat?? Ok lets stop the shoot for a half hour to feed you. Are you cold?? So much for naked pictures. Uh Oh whats going on down there!!?? Time for an outfit and prop change! Its all a part of it. And I love every second of it, so bring on the babies! Enjoy:)