Back in 2007 when I first opened my business I have to admit, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I thought I did, and acted like I did, but in retrospect, I was clueless but I did my best. With that said I had a pretty good first year. A lot of people liked the kind of work I was doing and hired me to do their family portraits. I guess I must have done a pretty great job because many of those families who hired me 4 years ago have hired me every year since, including this year and nothing makes me more proud. Thanks you guys! It is because of families like you that I am constantly pushed to become a better artist and a better business owner. Today's blog is from a shoot I did recently for one of my most loyal Blue Vine Families. One of the first shoots we did together in the studio included photos with my little iguana buddy named 'Blue' ( what's with the word Blue? I don't ever really love the colour that much …. annnnyway ) as you can see from these photos, the boys have grown up a lot but their tastes haven't changed much:)