For as long as I have been shooting weddings I have been DYING to get a job back home in St. John's where I am from. This year I finally had the opportunity to shoot there and I made sure that I had at least a few moments to photograph Tina and Nick at Middle Cove Beach, where I spent my entire childhood, lighting bon fires, climbing rocks, catching caplin and a few other things I won't mention on my work blog;) 

Tina and Nick, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity and letting me share in and document the happiest day of your lives. Congratualtions to you and your family, I wish you lots and lots of love and happiness!

I call the image on the right ' how many bye's does it take to tighten a pair of pants? ' 

It's moments like this next one that I wish I had video capability on my camera. Right in the middle of the ceremony, Nick's son and Tina's new step son Ethan walks right up to them and the conversation went something like this; "Tina, what are you doing?" "Oh I'm just marrying daddy now" says Tina, "why?" Ethan asks "well … because I love him" she says, to which Ethan simply responds "oh". So cute đŸ™‚